Maryport Inshore Rescue

Registered Charity Number: 1113807

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We are an independent organisation and Charity (No. 1113807). We are independent from all government agencies such as the RNLI and HM Coastguard. All of the funding we receive is from the kindness of the public and corporate sponsors.


Maryport Inshore Rescue has a fundraising team who are dedicated to help our service run by organising events and brining new ideas to the table. For more information on the fundraising team please click on the tab at the top of the page.


All donations greatly appreciated and help keep our life saving service operating. We are extremely grateful to groups or individuals who raise money for us. We rely very much on the goodwill and generosity of others.


There are many ways in which a donation can be made:

-Come to the station to see us

-Collection pots in local shops

-Events held in aid of the lifeboat

-Bank order forms (see to the below)

-Sponsorship form (see to the below)

-Through Pay Pal

-Just Giving Text To Give



Lifeboat Lotto

For just £2 a week you could hlep fund this vital sevice and win up to £5000!


What is the Lifeboat Lotto?

It’s a Lotto with a difference. Entry is only £2 a week, hardly the price of a pint, and there are no weekly entries to fill in, just pick 4 numbers between 1 and 31 and fill them on the application form.


You only need to do this once as your numbers are then registered in  the Lifeboat Lotto computer and are entered into each weekly draw for as long as you pay.


Paying is easy too, no hands in pockets or purses, payment is made by either cheque for £52 which covers 6 months entries or by monthly or quarterly Standing Order. No cash changes hands - Nothing could be easier.


Match 4 numbers and you will win the roll-over jackpot which starts at £1000 and increases by £100 a week until a winner is found.  If no one matches the numbers drawn, a winner is guaranteed when the jackpot reaches £5000.  Match 3 numbers and win a £25 consolation prize.


The first draw takes place on Wednesday!


To join or check the lotto numbers follow the appropriate link to the left.


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